“Dawn can push as hard as you like but is also flexible if you are feeling tight and need to adapt the training routine to include more stretching or yoga.” - Carrie, training & yoga with Dawn since 2009

“Dawn is very easy to work with--she somehow picks up on what your body is feeling and adjusts the workout that works best for you that day. “ - Rose - training & yoga with Dawn since 2013

“Dawn always has a positive attitude. And she caters to my needs. If there is a body part which is stiff or tight, we will focus and remedying the issue. And she always does!” - Eric - taking private yoga with Dawn since 2013

“Dawn is a delight to work with--always pleasant, focused and supportive.” - Michael - training with Dawn since 2014

"Dawn has been a great fitness coach. each year she has helped me set fitness goals and develop a plan for achieving them. Over the years as my needs have changed , she has adapted along with me - even getting more training in mobility and yoga when I needed to do more of those types of exercises for flexibility." - Carrie

“I have been training with Dawn for years. She takes a uniquely holistic approach incorporating strength, flexibility and cardio. Many of her exercises touch all 3 which really makes for an efficient session” - John

"Dawn has helped me get in better physical and mental shape. I Am more flexible, stronger and my heart rate is lower. I would recommend her to anyone looking for personalized training." - Eric

"Training with Dawn has been just a terrific experience. She has a great understanding of where and how far to push. Dawn also really knows how to work with and even alleviate physical issues (body work) and limitations. I have lost weight, toned up and feel better than I have in years. I have to admit, I hate exercising, but Dawn makes it interesting and even fun so I am done before I know it!" - Nancy

“I was very pleased with my sssion. Dawn introduced me to some new concepts and the training had some new exercises. Just wish I did not enjoy food so much!" - Sylvana

“Dawn was excellent and very good with my 14 year old niece, she has a naturally ability when it comes to working with adolescent teenage girls. Would love to see her again.” - Fleur

“I really enjoyed my session with Dawn - she beat me up good. “ - Alex

"I've been working out with Dawn for more two years. She really has an amazing understanding of the body and the ability to tailor my training to my particular orthopedic issues without sacrificing quality. I've gained so much strength and mobility that has made me a stronger indoor cyclist as well. Dawn also helped get my body in gear before and after surgery which sped up my recovery." - Michele





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