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Divine Body Balance was created by Dawn Derow in October 2012.

Dawn’s fitness career builds upon years of diverse experiences. She firmly believes that the most solid foundations are formed through balanced practices; that’s to say, bodies reach their greatest potentials by focusing on different aspects of fitness: mobility, alignment, lengthening and strengthening. Dawn believes in the power of posture and flexibility as both prehab and rehab, and emphasizes the importance of both. With experience in working with clients pre & post surgeries, corrective exercises, and mobility for all generations. 

Furthermore, Dawn is dedicated to wholesome nutrition which she deems, above all, to be essential. As a Poliquin Group certified BioSignature practitioner, Dawn is well equipped to help clients drop fat in the most efficient way: by evaluating hormonal imbalances and recommending nutrition and supplementation regimens. She helps take out the guesswork and get you measurable results. She will coach you in meal prep, daily accountability for what you decide to eat and not eat. 

During her college years she began studying Alexander technique(*). In recent years she has incorporated this awareness in her sessions, grounding clients in the present, shutting out distractions that might pull your body off balance or alignment. 

Practicing what she preaches, Dawn attends classes, workshops, and  sticks to her own workout routine with trainer and mentor, Nick Ebner.  She has been working with Nick since 2013 and now teaches upper and lower mobility classes for him at Complete Body Gym on 19th street. She is also teaching weekly at Crunch 83rd st. (Vinyasa Heat). Most of her work is one-on-one private training, yoga or health coaching. 

If you are looking more for body work, try a Thai Massage with Dawn. (**)





AFAA Group Fitness Certified Instructor, 2008 

CRUNCH FITNESS group instructor 2008 (Vinyasa Heat, Diesel, Cardio Dance, Sculpt, Conditioning, TRX, Urban Rebounding & Chisel)

NASM certified Personal Trainer, 2010 

YOGA ALLIANCE certified yoga instructor, Heartwell Yoga 2012

EXHALE group fitness instructor, 2014

THAI MASSAGE practitioner, 2014

POLIQUIN BIOSIGNATURE practitioner, 2016



(*) Alexander Technique: A system of body awareness designed to promote well-being by ensuring minimum effort in maintaining postures and carrying out movements 

(**) Thai Massage: a massage done on mats, combining acupressure Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. There is a mediation component as well. 


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