Personal Training
Learn what it means to be strong in your body with a balanced approach to fitness. We’ll work on your mobility, begin a strength training program, address your body’s imbalances, and have you living your healthiest life. No need to shy away from the hard work; every session is engaging, rewarding, and one more step towards the self you’ve always envisioned.

Quick Fix
Thirty minutes all you got? No sweat! Just kidding. All the sweat! We’ll get your heart rate up FAST with a killer cardiovascular conditioning workout. Using intervals and a tabata-style approach, I’ll efficiently train your body head to toe and you’ll leave with that fit-fresh glow.  



Private Yoga
Deepen your practice in this 55-minute one-on-one session, allowing yourself the focused time and space to strengthen and improve your body’s alignment. With personalized attention, your progress will skyrocket along with your flexibility. Ease your tension, embrace your body’s abilities, and dive into this Vinyasa-like flow.

Add a 15-minute guided meditation to any yoga session and end your practice with robust visions of abundant possibilities.


Body Work

Thai Massage
Over the course of 85 minutes, you’ll be guided through a series of calm-inducing poses, stretches, and postures. You’ll receive muscle-relaxing massage throughout, which will enhance your depth of experience and general flexibility. Consider Thai massage to be the “lazy man’s yoga;” while the practitioner maneuvers the body, the client has an unparalleled 360-degree treatment. 

Wear leggings, or shorts and a t-shirt. And be prepared to relax, breathe and meditate. 

Increasing and maintaining one’s range of motion is vital to ensuring joint health. Don’t underestimate the importance of your connective tissue! When it’s restricted, so are you. Come spend just under an hour each week tending to your body’s insurance: your mobility!

Stretch It!
Spend 30-60 minutes working out the kinks in your kinetic chain. As a unique individual, you develop points of tension in your body specific to your lifestyle. As such, general stretching or yoga class don’t always do the trick--but a tailored approach will. Come experience a sequence of stretches designed to make you feel and function at your best, and learn to perform them on your own.



Policies and Information


What to expect from your sessions:

• Individualized program design

•Goal assessment

•Food Guidance

•Exercise program

•Strength Training 

•Cardiovascular Interval training (HITT)

•Yoga for all levels

•Mobility (Lengthen/Strengthen)

•Thai Massage ( 90 mins minimum includes set up of mats) 


Session Times:

Sessions are mostly an hour long. There are also 30 minute "Quick Fix" sessions available. 85-90 minute sessions are for Thai Massage, or a training session with a 30min add on. This we can customize for you. Permanent Sessions are strongly suggested for the best results ~ once this is set we will agree on a schedule payment for the month is due at the first session


Private Gyms:

THRIVE~ 152 East 74th at Lexington 

COMPLETE BODY~ 22 East 19th street (btw 5th-6th) 

COMPLETE BODY EAST ~ 301 East 57th at 2nd Ave 

If you would like to train in any of these gyms instead of your building / or another private gym in the area, there will be an additional FEE on top of your session price (which we then pay to the gym.)


Cancellation Policy:

I have a STRICT 24 hour cancellation policy. Meaning if you cancel the day of, I will charge you the full amount. Sessions are non-transferable to others. If something comes up and we are able to agree on an hour with in that 24 hour period, then I might let it slide. In general cancellations don't benefit anyone. However, if I have to cancel due to illness you will not lose any money, and we will reschedule. 

Check, Cash, Credit Cards Accepted!

To get a complete price list or schedule a session,
please email Divine Body Balance at






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